Director: Rooth Tang Cast: Matt Wu / Huang, Lu / Ananda Everingham / Sajee Apiwong / Kazuhiko Nishimura / Kris Wood-Bell

An intelligent and affecting drama that follows lives of three couples living in three worldly cities, Sway reflects on the excitements and struggles of immigrant experience in the age of globalization when individuals have become more mobile but also more rootless than ever. In Paris, Arthur tries to convince his girlfriend to return to Asia together with him before his visa expires. In Bangkok, June ponders her future with husband Palm in America. And in Los Angeles, Amanda tries to fit into the family of a Japanese widower still haunted by their loss.

Official Selection

Toronto International Film Festival, Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival , Shanghai International Film Festival

...inspired by Wong Kar-Wai and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, the globe-jumping picture is clearly intelligent.
— The Hollywood Reporter


Sway’s beauty lies in its lingering gazes and its relatable contemplation of where we choose to keep our hearts, especially in a time in which “home” is no longer a fixed place.
— Film Doo