She Remembers He Forgets feature film

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She Remembers He Forgets feature film

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The team behind Hong Kong’s pop culture sensation The Way We Dance refreshes local indie film scene once again with this wonderfully charming and bittersweet drama She Remembers He Forgets. Mirroring a transiting city’s loss of direction into the future due to her unwillingness in embracing the past, the film tells an affective and ambitious story about friendship, young love and idealist dreams that are inescapable from larger forces but transcend changing times. In search of an answer for her broken marriage, Gigi (Miriam Yeung, Love in the Buff) journeys into her shiny high school year memories only to discover a deeply hidden secret that will transform her life.


Hong Kong Film Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society


Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Hong Kong International Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival


“Adam Wong continues unearthing talented new local actors. He uses mid-life marital crisis to reflect the city’s predicament. Realistic scenarios blended with Hayao Miyazaki’s flying dream and Shunji Iwai’s melancholy convey a regret and an encouragement at once.”

——Hong Kong Film Critics Society

“…carry viewers through to a satisfying, albeit perhaps unexpected, end, but the themes, ideas, and emotions will resonate long after the credits roll.”

——Film School Rejects


Director Adam Wong on Looking at Hong Kong’s Future through the Lenses of Old Selves

“I did fall in love with a girl in high school. But because of 1997, she emigrated with her family. I don’t even know she liked me or not. High school romances are that ambiguous though. For my generation, we were students before 1997, carefree and happy. After we graduated, 1997 came. We entered the society with anxieties. After experiencing the real world, you wish you could be young again. But nobody can live in the past forever. The Rose Garden in the film does point to the infrastructure program announced before 1997. It represents the students’ imagination of future. After the assignment falls into the hands of free-spirited “Master Handicraft”, he finishes it with an innocent heart. It becomes a stage of his friends’ dreams and also helped him win his dream girl. How did the grand project eventually turn out? What happened to the dreams we had decades ago? How many are realized? How many are lost? I want people to start having these conversations. It’s very fascinating when we look at today’s Hong Kong and ourselves through the lenses of our old selves. Imagine what would young “Master Handicraft” think if he gets to meet adult Pang Shing Wah? That is the point of this film.”

Producer and Scriptwriter Saville Chan on Hong Kong’s “Colonial Nostalgia”

“Hong Kong people disapprove their past. Here longing for the past is always labeled as colonial nostalgia. Queen’s Pier has to be torn down. Crowns on mailboxes have to be erased. But there won’t be present and future if we don’t have a past. Gigi in the film goes back to her memories, not to give up her life- she just wants to learn what exactly happened back then, so she has the courage to go forward.”


Adam Wong Sau Ping


Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Exchange program at University of Iowa


The Way We Dance (2013), Magic Boy (2007), When Beckham Met Owen(2004)


Best Screenplay-Hong Kong Film Award 2016, Best Director, Best Screenplay-Hong Kong Film Critics Society 2014


Audience Award-Fukuoka International Film Festival 2013, Best New Director-Hong Kong Film Award 2008, Best New Director-Hong Kong Directors’ Guild Awards 2014, Hong Kong Film Awards 2014, Independent Spirit Award-Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2004



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